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Benefits of jobs for students

Jobs are a great way to make money and be proactive.
Hadley McCusker, Staff Writer May 6, 2020

Being a high school student is stressful enough on its own. Tests on top of sports on top of homework can be a lot to handle and adding a part time job on top of that can be stressful, but also extremely...

Colleges make changes to accommodate seniors accepting or applying for college. A lot of colleges became test optional in response to COVID-19.

Corona college admissions

Colleges take necessary measures to ensure student accessibility despite coronavirus.
Kendrick Choi, Managing Web Editor May 5, 2020
As for the college admissions process itself, some colleges have extended their acceptance deadline, which is traditionally May 1st, to June 1st. Standardized testing is becoming an optional submission for applicants, seeing as the College Board has canceled or postponed most SAT I and SAT II testing until September. Colleges are also saying they will take into account the effect of quarantine on student-athletes and other extracurriculars. 

Dating through the distance

Couples must reexamine the qualities of their relationship before enduring long distance.
Jaime Svinth and Julia Mortimer March 30, 2020

From casually flirting in class to awkward first dates, high school often marks students' entry into the dating world. For some students, dating can be more than just casual, and may even lead to a future...

University of Maryland library- One of the universities largest building on campus.

College quest

Touring a college campus is an essential part of the college search process.
Riley Davies, Copy Editor September 22, 2017

Most parents only allow their children to tour college campuses after they are accepted. However, my family knew that waiting to visit until I got accepted to colleges was not the right way to...

UCSBea road trip

I spent part of my spring break in my best friend's college town.
Dessi Gomez, Arts & Entertainment Editor May 15, 2017

One of the strongest feelings of accomplishment comes from choosing a college to spend your next four years. Another amazing feeling is the pride that comes from seeing friends commit to a college. Over...

Deadlines are fast approaching, SMCHS seniors are working on their application essays and getting ready for their college journey.

10 tips for college applications

A checklist you should know before submitting your college application essays.
Amanda Zou, Photo Editor December 2, 2016

No doubt, the college application process is stressful. Maintaining a good GPA, striving for scores on standardized tests and meeting college applications deadlines at the same time is a lot to handle...

Christa Crafts visits the University of Notre Dame to get the college feel for students at SMCHS.

Meet Mrs. Crafts

SMCHS welcomes Christa Crafts to the hustle and bustle of SM's faculty and staff.
Amanda Moussiaux, Staff Writer October 24, 2016

The typical thought process of a SM student: Freshman year- it's high school, Sophomore year-I got this down. Junior year-will I survive? Senior year-where do I want to go? After adapting and completing...

The canvas Shayna Aigner bought on her spontaneous trip to Michaels now accompanied by a painted pineapple.


Passionate SMCHS students carry on with their love for art into college.
Claire Robidoux, Staff Writer April 27, 2016

Business, nursing, teaching, accounting are all common majors in college. However, seniors Raelyn Browning, Bridget Callahan and Shayna Aigner have taken a different path. These three passionate artists...

Too cool for dream school

Dream schools do not exist in my mind because there are too many options for me to choose.
Dessi Gomez, Staff Writer April 9, 2016

In Nov. 2015, my family and I took a trip to Indiana and Illinois to look at Notre Dame and Northwestern University. My perspective on college changed drastically after seeing both of these schools. ...

Junior AJ Beauchamp smiles when sharing of his future writing plans.

The write path

Junior AJ Beauchamp is ready to close his textbooks for good after high school to pursue his love for writing.
Allison De La Bastida, Staff Writer February 16, 2016

While college may seem like a necessary step on one's way to gaining a job, junior Andrew Beauchamp doesn't feel he needs a college degree to start doing what he loves. Beauchamp aspires to be a writer,...

College tours can be trivial, but these college tours were a lot of fun for me!

College hunt

Nothing is tedious or trivial about these Texan universities.
Alexa Hines, Web Editor-in-Chief February 9, 2016

Some people try to warn you that first semester senior year would be just as challenging with finding colleges and starting (and finishing) college applications, all while keeping up grades and having...

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