Class of ’18 only

Senior Assassin: a game of action and confusion- but don’t worry, the rules are as follows.

Derek Brajevich and Kyle Carey


It is that time of year again when senioritis is in full effect and the competitive game of Senior Assassin has begun. But what are all the specific rules behind this senior tradition?

Although the game is not affiliated with SMCHS, the students still have fun participating in Senior Assassin outside of school.

Senior Assassin is a game where only seniors are allowed to participate. Everyone who participates must pay a fee of ten dollars and must purchase a water-gun that is no longer than a foot. After all the contestants are signed up, each player is assigned to another player. One must “assassinate” the other player by squirting them with a water gun while avoiding being “assassinated” themselves.

After one is “shot” the person has to give their killer their own target. Whoever wins will win the prize of $1,600. Of course, in every game, there are many rules in which the participants are to follow or the “kill” does not count.

For the class of 2018, seniors Ryan Montgomery and Morgan McFerren are in charge of organizing and planning the most competitive game for seniors.

“I thought it would be fun to do something for our senior class, so I took the will of organizing it,” McFerren said.

McFerren and Montgomery are in charge of running the Instagram account for the game which posts the rules, bounty list names and videos of people being squirted with water-guns. If a player is placed on the bounty list, it is because they did not “kill” their target in time. Once they are on the bounty list, anyone in the game can “kill” them. The only way off the list is to ‘kill’ their target within a week.

“My favorite part is watching the videos of the ‘kills’ because they are always so funny,” McFerren said.

The game is thrilling for all 200 seniors that participate as it brings people together for some healthy competition. But, if the rules are not followed, then the “kill” does not count. The rules include having to submit a video of each player squirting your target as proof and time limits on all targets, meaning each player has a week to squirt their target.

Senior assassin is an exciting tradition to end high school and meet new people along the way. Follow these rules and try to stay ‘alive’ for the prize.