Final push

If you are looking for help during finals week, look no further.


Turning in late assignments or struggling to keep that A means finals season is upon us. If you are like me, you’re stressed. You’re most likely worried about keeping your grades up, memorizing so many flashcards your head wants to explode, and drinking an insane amount of coffee just to stay up for that extra hour of studying. Well, that used to be me, luckily I have it figured out this year.

I have found some really helpful tricks that not only help me stay relaxed, but also help me study and get better grades.

My first tip is to calculate the grade you need on the final. Some might be intimidated by this because if you suddenly find out you only need a 50% to pass the class, it could make you less motivated. While that might be true for some, I look at it for a reality check. After calculating the grade I need, I know what grades I can earn and which ones might be a little harder. The website I use for this is “Roger Hub Grade Calculator”. I highly recommend this tip, it could save you hours from studying for a test you could easily pass!

My second tip is to use Quizlet. Quizlet is an online notecard system that allows you to make hundreds of sets of flashcards for free. Using Quizlet allows you to stay organized and come up with an effective way to study. Not only does this website allow you to make flashcards but also has games and tests to quiz you. It is an effective way to learn and is something I never go through finals without utilizing.

My third, and final tip, is to get sleep. I know you always hear this one, but that’s because it actually works. Getting sleep helps you to stay rested and prepared to take the test. There is no use studying if you cannot stay awake during the actual test.

If you use any of these tips I guarantee you that you won’t be as stressed during finals week.