A new face in the art department

The holiday season brings a new staff member on campus.


New art teacher replaces former art teacher : Mr. Hoff.

Former IB Art teacher, Mr. Hoff left the school to find himself through a mission trip. Although this departure was difficult for some students, the transition became easier with the hiring of new teacher: Jaclyn Fields.

Fields taught art in her first classroom here at SMCHS. She specializes in graphic design but teaches five different types of art classes varying from novice levels to advanced. These courses include photography, graphic design, and drawing.

Fields graduated from Cal State Long Beach and are just beginning her teaching career.

“I think my first moment of ‘wow I am supposed to be here’ is the first mass I went to,” Fields said. “I walked in and everyone was singing and all the students were involved the atmosphere was exciting and it was really moving and nice to see everyone kind of on the same spiritual page.”

When she’s not working, Fields enjoys watching sports with her family.

“I am a huge sports fan. I coach volleyball but I am a huge Angels fan,” Fields said. “I love going to the games and I love watching hockey.”

Many artists describe and see art in their own way which creates many different genres. Fields goal is that each student learns from her example to create art that is unique.

“I want students to walk out of the class and have an artistic eye in the world–think in a different way and not just think in a box,” Fields said.

The art classes compete in local art contests and have annual art display shows. Fields hopes to see many of her student’s work win these competitions and that the artists find their art perspective.

“We are working right now on art that will be displayed in February for anyone who would like to come look and see how much arts affect life and the hard work that is put into the arts,” Fields said.

To get in contact with Ms. Fields she is available through email her through the SMCHS website: smhs.org or visit her room at B112 with any art questions