Rodriguez returns

The new face behind Mrs. Bien’s iconic desk is excited to be back.


There’s a new face greeting everyone with a smile in the activities office. The energy behind the desk is Miss Lauren Rodriguez, member of the class of 2013, soccer coach, and youngest of six Rodriguez kids to attend SMCHS.

Rodriguez decided to return to her roots after graduating from UCLA with four years of soccer and pre-med studies under her belt.

“Working at SM is like going to school with no homework,” Rodriguez said. “I love it here!”

Rodriguez is currently working as Mrs. Bien’s temporary replacement. Along with directors Mr. Darwazeh and Mr. Barry, she manages the new campus store and deals with all things activities.

As the youngest sister of prestigious soccer player Amy Rodriguez, she knows how to make the most of high school.

“Go on Kairos, religious or not, take advantage of every opportunity you have here and be thankful for what your parents have given you, because you don’t understand how big a deal it is,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez says that SMCHS has set her up to be the person she is now.

“Because I made an effort to shake Mr. Holloway’s hand and put in the time to be involved, I have been able to create opportunities for myself to come back,” Rodriguez said.  “There are a lot more opportunities for you guys in athletics and with technology, and I’m excited to see how far everyone goes this year.”

Rodriguez loves the new traditions here and said she had the time of her life at the freshman social. In addition, she is excited to be at the events the rest of the school year brings.

Rodriguez will be behind the desk until Mrs. Bien returns, but will be staying to coach soccer and assist in activities for the remainder of the year.

As for a last piece of advice, Rodriguez emphasized counting every blessing.

“When you walk out the gates for the final time and go to college and get exposed to real life, it’s insane,” Rodriguez said. “Creating bonds and treasuring your friends here is super important.”