Deck the nations

MUN seniors and freshmen come together to decorate the annual Christmas tree.

Cramming in lessons for government, preparing for their next conference and their final exams, the MUN senior class always dedicates one day to leave it all behind to decorate one tree.

For almost 20 years, it’s been an MUN Christmas tradition to decorate the small bare tree in the back of MUN Director John Remmell’s room in B10.

Although it’s been a privilege for seniors to decorate the tree, this year, since the senior class is taught by Michelle Ford rather than Remmell, the only chance they can decorate the tree is during period 4, when Remmell is teaching his freshmen MUN class.

“It was actually nice to get to know the freshman and pass down the MUN traditions,” said senior Parnia Abrishamchian.

Initially, many seniors were disappointed over the fact that their once in a lifetime opportunity had to be shared with the freshmen, but after the experience, they got over their initial thoughts and just enjoyed the break from school.

“Decorating the tree was much needed especially for a senior doing college apps and getting ready for all the finals,” Abrishamchian said. “Just simply socializing was nice because it let my brain just chill.”

As a senior tradition, decorating the Christmas tree is what most MUN seniors cannot wait to do.

” It was nice to get in the Christmas mood with my friends and even the freshman and decorate the MUN tree as one of my privileges as a senior,” Abrishamchian said.

While the MUN community is a stern and serious program, they still manage to have fun during the chaotic mess of finals and the holidays.