HOSM Charlie Goubran

Hi, my name is Charlie Goubran, and I am currently a sophomore. From a young age I started performing. I joined competitive dance when I was 4 years old and continued until I was about 11. The dance world provided me with so many opportunities. I got to be on sets, walk runway, and even take classes from well-known dancers. Although dance was a big part of my life, I ended up leaving.

Soon after, I auditioned for an acting conservatory, where I found my love for storytelling. While a part of the conservatory I studied acting as well as participated in the plays and musical. After getting to experience my first full show experience, I knew that this is where I was supposed to be. All aspects of theater fit into my soul like puzzle pieces.

After I continued to study, I discovered how to use my knowledge of dance and turn it into expressions. Each day uncovered how to become a different person on stage, and how to use the instrument of my voice. I also started to train in classical voice, as well as taking recreational dance. I want to continue to improve in signing, acting, and dancing.

When I came to SM and found that they have a very successful theater program, Talon Theater. I joined Musical Theater as my elective and participated in the TAPA Conservatory. I was a part of the fall play and spring musical my freshman year. Here I have found mentors and friends that feel the same passion for the arts as I do.

There is nothing quite like theater. To be able to successfully find truth under imaginary circumstances, and not only convince yourself, but a whole audience of this truth, is magical. There is a light inside of me yearning to shine on stage, as I recognize calling to storytelling. Each day my love grows for my craft and I grateful to have such an amazing experience here at SM.