Griffin Jones

“I started here freshman year and then I had to transfer to JSerra mostly because of location and that was kind of a shocker. Because it was during COVID, it more difficult to socialize with the people at Jserra. The environment at Jserra was everyone was kind of already in their own friend group by sophomore year and it was difficult to get to know more people. When I was able to start driving then I made the decision to go back to SM. I mostly missed the people from SM because I met so many people from freshman year. What I wasn’t really expecting is that everyone else had so many new friend connections and then I was able to connect with so many more people just within my first few days back.

During Covid at Jserra, I got into a lot of art like visual art and mostly music. I just started getting into new territory and expanding what I listen to. my favorite artist I found over Coronavirus is Bjork. It is interesting how she’s kind of old so she had a really big discography, so I got to experiment with that.” -Griffin Jones ‘23