Baby football


photo by: Reid Carter

Previously highlighted members of the senior class, Dylan Oliver and Luc Carter have more to offer than their amazing broadcasting skills. In addition to the work they do behind the camera, the boys leave it all out on the field. Oliver and Carter are co-head coaches of the Chiefs, from the Friday Night Lights league.

Oliver and Carter have been coaching what they refer to as “baby football” for the past 3 years and they love it.

“It’s honestly the highlight of my spring,” said Carter, “I just love going to practices and hyping up the boys at games.”

It all started out when Oliver’s younger cousin needed a team to play on. Lucky for him, Oliver and Carter had him covered.

“Vinny came to me and said I wanna play football,” said Oliver.

But with uneven numbers, a lack of coaches, and a group of boys without a team, Vinny was stuck teamless. That was until Carter had his great idea.

“I thought to myself, what if Dylan and I coached the team?” said Carter.

After a couple of seasons of ups and downs, the boys are confident in their chances this year.

“Before we’ve kinda struggled, but I really think we got this one in the bag this year,” said Carter.

In the Friday Night Lights league, teams are made up of friend groups and come to the league pre-formed. All but the Carter and Oliver’s team. The boy’s team takes anyone who doesn’t have a home for the season. But what has led to this newfound confidence? Nothing but some new recruits.

“We got some players from Notre Dame this year and I really think they’re gonna make our season,” said Oliver.

With new players, new strategies, and a new attitude, the coaches and players are ready for the season to start. Oliver wanted to leave one last comment before he went into the first game of the season.

“Crosby with the dot,” said Oliver.