Caritas Christi Center Opens


Julia Gore, Staff Writer

After many delays, the Caritas Christi Center has finally opened!

The space is combined with Campus Ministry, Wellness, as well as activities, and they have created an amazing space for students to hang out and collaborate. The construction project started during the summer and did not open until last week, after many delays due to delays in shipping materials, etc.

There are many different reasons why the school is very excited to open such a space.

“The Caritas Christi center brings a space where fellowship can take place among students, no matter if they are coming for Campus Ministry, ASB, or wellness,” Kieran Hickey said.

People from different groups can come together and enjoy themselves in a fun, and comfy setting. There are even lots of snacks out for students to grab as well!

If you are looking to do some homework, hang out with friends, or even find some peace and quiet, consider visiting the Caritas Christi center during both lunches!

Specifically, Campus ministry is looking forward to having a consistent space to be able to host events.

“When we were in the A building, it was hard to plan and host events, but that we have a permanent space, we are really excited to begin planning and hosting different things throughout the school year,” Hickey said.

One thing, in particular, to look forward to in the near future is the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament, where all of the games will be streamed on the TV’s!