Delaney Jankanish

“There’s nothing that feels the same as right before you go on stage, honestly it’s mostly just anxiety and excitement,” senior Delaney Jankanish said. “Obviously, it’s a little bit of a nerve-wracking experience, I don’t think I’ve ever not been nervous. The thing is though, being nervous shows you care it shows that it’s important to you, if I didn’t care I wouldn’t be there.”

“As much as I love the process and rehearsing, learning choreo or lines or music, nothing compares to going to the Cappies or Macy’s Awards Shows,” Jankanish said. “It’s going with the entire cast and crew and getting to just enjoy the hard work you’ve put in and see the other schools perform and hear about their work. It’s just a really incredible experience to celebrate something that everyone in that room understands. Even if you don’t win the award you’re nominated for, or you don’t get nominated at all, the awards shows are such an exciting thing to get to be a part of. Also, we’re all theatre people so we love the drama of getting dressed up in formalwear, hearing the announcers give introductions to the performances, the presentation of the awards, it’s just a very memorable experience.”