Students join the ranks of administration

When there are problems, one can choose to ignore them, address them, or change them. Daniel Troyan, a senior, wants to be a subject of change. As a member of the new Administrative Student Advisory Group, Troyan can offer a fresh student perspective to the administrative board.


This new board was developed in order to maintain the five topics of conversation that the administration prioritizes: charism, wellness, academics, athletics, and business. Mrs. Wood and Mr. Sulick oversee this group. In addition, assistant Principal of Student Services Tom Smith sits in on meetings.


“The structure is kind of based on our charism prayer. If you look at the charism prayer, we talk about trying to make sure that we’re again educating the entire student,” Smith said, “it helps us stay focused on what the true mission of the school is.”

The school administration board meets on a five-week rotation where different individuals come in to discuss different aspects of school life.

“There will be one rotation where it’s just admin,” said Smith, “there’s another rotation where because of COVID we ask the nurses to come.”

 After 4 meetings, the student group joins for the fifth week. Troyan works with Killian O’Connor, Vicky Zhang, Caliana Kanaan, Jaya Michel, Jonathan Moxie, and Qiyue Hu to offer a full perspective of the Santa Margarita experience. Each student was recommended for selection by a staff member, underwent pruning to decide which members should be in the committee, and eventually was invited to join.

“So, it is a group of seven kids including me that provides insight and it just supposed to talk about any issues that we’ve been able to see,” said Troyan. “We are almost like an undercover admin, and we listen to all types of students’ opinions questions thinking to make SM be better.”

Not only does this diverse student board represent the interests of the groups they are a part of, but they are responsible for advocating the voices of how all students feel.

“I would say I really really hope that any kid feels like if they if they got a question or they want to communicate that to an administrator, stop by and stick your head in,” Smith said, “but then also I do understand that sometimes someone might say ‘I don’t know about that Mr. Smith guy I am not comfortable talking to him and I think that they’d be very happy to know that they’ve got student representation that they can go to.”

This is the first time that the administrative board has invited students to come in on a regular basis, which opens the doors to many and all forms of student opinions.

“We’ve been given the opportunity to say stuff and say our opinions,” said Troyan, “We should take advantage of it not be quiet, nothing is too controversial or doesn’t matter. Every single issue we think of that can make a difference we should say.”