Robby Dodson

Brandon Covas, Staff Writer

“The tennis team has been such an incredible experience at SM. The positive environment makes playing for the tennis team a fun and rewarding experience. I play singles for the tennis team which is a fun and challenging experience. Sometimes I get super lonely on the court since its singles. The coaches on the team are super helpful, knowledgeable, encouraging, and compassion. The other team members are super supportive, fun to be around, and quirky. Our team has such a strong bond that many of us sit with each other during lunch and get hyped up! I am exuberate for the upcoming spring season with lots of new teammates.”

“I also am in the film program at SM. I like that we can use the school’s high equipment to learn more about cinema and create our own stories. One of my favorite film experiences was learning about Classical Hollywood and watching the amazing film Casablanca. I appreciated my teacher’s passion for the film and helped me manifest a new process in creating films.” -Robby Dodson