Kassidy Goddard

“[At SM] I do MUN, I am part of the swim team as well, and I am involved in a lot of clubs across campus that do service projects, and every Saturday I volunteer my time at the food pantry and Sundays I play piano at a senior center.”

“I think [playing waterpolo] has been a really fun experience and when I first came to school here, it helped introduce me to some friends and the group that I have and that I play with, its a tight group and we have a lot of fun memories that just make my experience at SM a lot more fun. Especially during stressful times [waterpolo], is a way I can relax and have fun with my friends.”

“[Playing for the team] is fun because we all support each other, we all go crazy when each of us scores a goal, and it’s just a community where we support each other and love doing what we do and we do it because its fun.”

“I have been swimming for most of my life and I think it helped me develop a lot of life skills that I will carry with me for a long time. A big part of swimming is resilience and you have to push through, even when your day might not be that good; you have to try your best at practice and you will see your results come at competitions. Swimming has taught me that if I try hard and push through bad days, the results will pay off. That is something I can use not only in swimming but in school and life in general.”- Kassidy Goddard 23′