Chloe Wu

Chloe Wu

Brandon Covas, Staff Writer

“My favorite part of SM is the ETV studio and class. I really enjoy that we get to work on segments during class and eventually air them to the school through ETV 2.0. SM’s broadcasting program feels like a great way to get real world experience in production and broadcast journalism. My favorite positions in the studio are hosting and producing. I like to host because it is really exciting to be in front of the school and represent our SM community. Producing is a really stressful job in the studio but is nonetheless really fun also. “

“Another part of SM that I really enjoy is the lacrosse team. I find lacrosse to be a super fun sport overall. I think what makes the SM lacrosse team special to me is the friendships that all the team members have with each other. During the lacrosse season we all sit together during lunches to get our team spirit ready for matches. Outside of school I also have fenced for 6 years now. I am getting pretty good at it!”

“For SM academics broadcast journalism and geometry are by far my favorite classes. Broadcast journalism is a strong passion of mine and like I previously mentioned the real world experience for broadcasting really excites me. I am ok at geometry but the reason I like this class is because of our teacher. My geometry teacher always keeps us engaged with the content by telling jokes and making our class super interesting. “

” SM has the best school spirit during football games. I try to go to as many games as possible because I love when SM gets a touchdown and the crowd gets really loud. The SM spirit is something so special to our school and I want to be apart of that spirit by attending many football games. The Eagle Nest is awesome”