Madeline Schneider


“After moving to Orange County and going into the beginning of my freshman year I was very nervous I was not going to meet anyone. I soon realized that Santa Margarita had so many things that I could get involved in that I would have no problem finding out where I fit in. After trying a lot of different activities on the school campus I found that I really wanted to spend my time with the Track and Field team. I felt so welcomed into that great group of people automatically and knew that it truly was our second family. The team is really special because it brings the most unlikely of friends together and it is really great to see how when so many unique people work together we can all achieve great things. Now going into my senior year I really make sure that that welcoming and encouraging attitude continues on the track. It is great to know that the team I joined freshman year is still a family I can come to after I graduate.” – Madeline Schneider ’22