Sarah Clarke

“I didn’t even really like musical theater until I started doing it at SM! And now it is my absolute most favorite thing in the world to do and the thing that takes up most of my time, which I love! My favorite role that I’ve had during my time in Talon Theatre is definitely Luisa from ‘The Fantasticks,’ which is the show we are currently in the process of rehearsing! It was the first lead role that I’d gotten at SM, and I just love the insanity of her character that I get to play and I love the challenge it is giving me vocally, as the vocal style of the show is much different than my usual style, but I love it! It’s [‘The Fantasticks’] super funny, with hilarious one-liners, spectacular dance numbers from our one and only choreographer Mr. Casey Garritano, and a super tight-knit cast that have all become family and are always there to support each other, no matter what.”

“I absolutely love Sm. I am so glad I came here because the sense of community feels more like home than any other school I’ve attended, or could imagine attending. To be an upperclassman, I can’t even process it. It feels like I was literally just a freshman. Where have all the years gone? However, I have felt like this year I have stepped up in my role as a leader and it has felt so amazing to be able to help people and feel like I am someone that others look up to, especially in the younger classes.”

Sarah Clarke ’23