A playlist created by deaf people

Apple Music makes the first playlist composed completely by deaf people

Apple Music created the first playlist made by and for deaf people. The seemingly impossible reality of deaf people listening to music manifests with Apple Music’s new playlist titled “A Playlist Curated by Deaf People.” This 176 song playlist created early September, 2021, defies limitations that deaf people experience on a daily basis.

Apple Music gathered deaf people’s favorite songs across the US, asked them to share how they experience these songs and why they like these songs more than others. Some who were surveyed shared they liked the song they chose due to the vibrations or lyrics.

“I love hearing Camila’s voice. It’s so high-pitched and satisfying in my ear, and I can clearly hear what she is saying once I memorized the lyrics by watching the music video,” said Jacelyn Fincher during an interview with Apple Music when referring to Camila Cabello.

Deaf people are unable to experience music like the rest of society. They still can experience music in their own ways that hearing people cannot. Some of the deaf curators explain they listen to music through vibrations and rhythm. Vibration and rhythm are aspects of music that deaf people feel in there skin rather than hear with their ears.

The way deaf people listen to music differs greatly from hearing people, but their music tastes are very similar. Some of the deaf people chose well-known artists like Eminem, Kanye West, and SZA. These artists are very popular on the radio and listen to constantly by hearing people across America. These artists also impact the deaf community with their music that reaches all senses.

After the launch of “A Playlist Curated by Deaf People,” deaf people have requested more and more songs. The playlist has nearly doubled in length since its originally release. This growing playlist welcomes deaf people to experience music to its full extent. Apple Music welcomes deaf or hearing people to check out the songs and get a fresh outlook on music.

Apple Music: A Playlist Curated by the Deaf