A new eagle soars

With the 2021-2022 school year just beginning to get settled in, no better person to feature than one of the newest members of our school community. Bayleigh Shapard, class of 2022, has just begun her journey here as an eagle. 


Bayleigh attended Crean Lutheran for three years, before finally deciding to make the switch to SM. When asked what prompted the transfer, Bayleigh said, “The SM campus was so much closer to my house,” and then goes on to say, “I never had an issue with being at crean, but from what I had heard about SM, it seemed like it would be a better fit for me, schoolwise, and socially.”


Since beginning her time at SM, Bayleigh has really been able to embrace every second, finding a good group of friends, and a new second family with the SMCHS nationally ranked dance team. She “has been able to build such a strong relationship with the team already” and she knows that she “will have friends forever through this amazing program.” 


Bayleigh is very grateful for how welcoming and kind everyone is here at SM, and even said she was “happily surprised when everyone welcomed a senior transfer into their community with welcome arms.”


Outside of school, Bayleigh loves to take dance classes, to cook, and to work on different types of service projects through the Lionsheart Service Program. She is looking forward to all that senior year has to offer her, and she is so excited that worked up the courage to make the transfer to SM, because “the transition has been easier than expected, and I am so happy here.”