American Horror Story Defies Modern Day Horror with New Season

With the current declining production and following of horror films, increased pressure has been put on American Horror Story to release new content that will revive the horror genre. American Horror Story is a horror based tv series produced by Ryan Murphy.  In recent years, it has gained a huge following due to its originality and captivating plots. The talented actors and haunting yet meaningful plots are some of the most recognizable reasons American Horror Story is so unique and well-liked. Although the show has been gaining traction in its newest seasons, the coronavirus put a hold on the annual season release for the first time in nearly a decade.

From 2011 to 2019, 9 back-to-back seasons were released annually. When no season was released in 2020, many viewers assumed that the producers had ran out of ideas for the show. This led these viewers to expect the new season to be low quality. On August 25th, 2021, the first episode of season 10 was released, leaving many in shock at the high quality production immediately present in this season.

American Horror Story Season 10, titled Double Feature, follows an average family’s experiences while moving into Providence, Massachusetts. Providence is perceived as a very small, quiet town compared to New York where they previously lived. The father of the family, Harry, intends to face his writer’s block with this new change of scenery. He realizes suspicious activities are occurring in the town and talks to some of the locals to attempting to discover some form of truth about the town. As he starts to talk to the locals, he is presented with an eccentric way to overcome his writer’s block. Although this new method could help Harry overcome his writer’s block, it also seems to be related to the strange activities in the town. From here, the story continues to unfold, slowly divulging the true corruption and peril that lies within the town of Providence.

The new artistic style of television production presented in this season of American Horror Story defies the typical twenty first century horror. By subtly combating many global issues through making a terrifying psychological thriller, a new type of horror is created that is unique to itself . With the first part of the “Double Feature” wrapping up by the end of September, the second part still has countless scares guaranteed to make millions of people across America jump out of their seats.