A catalyst for change

Junior Celine Bacily launches new project on global awareness


Katharine Lee, Print Editor-in-Chief

BLM. Asian hate crimes. Climate change. Out of a pandemic and social turmoil, junior Celine Bacily’s new project, Yesterday, was born.

A one-stop-shop for global issues and ways to address them, Yesterday is an organization that strives to promote accessibility and resources for change. Links to petitions are scattered across its website, sending viewers directly to actionable resources, fundraisers, and additional ways to help. Topics ranging from environmental concerns to humanitarian aid are explained in simple terms and published for all to see.

The motivation for Bacily was in her observation of the world around her. After witnessing the injustice of silence, she made it her vision to bring teens into the action spectrum, regardless of race, gender, or social class.

“2020 was a crazy year, to say the least,” Bacily said. “What we should be saying in the aftermath is that change should have happened yesterday. And that’s where the project gets its name.”

Yesterday’s website promotes monthly awareness topics–for example, immunization for August, suicide awareness in September. As the project begins to take shape, Bacily and a team of ambassadors work to expand the program.

“Yesterday ensures that there is no excuse in thinking our voices don’t have power, or that we don’t have the resources to initiate change,” Bacily said. “Change is here at your fingertips.”

Visit Yesterday at https://www.changeyesterday.com/.