Homecoming is back

After two years of no dances, the senior class of 2022 cannot wait to get back into the excitement of rushing to the dance floor with their friends. A record-low attendance at SM’s March homecoming left ASB and Admin skeptical about giving a large budget to ASB for the 2021 year. However, ASB was able to secure the means to fund the best homecoming yet.

Morgan Davies, an ASB member, summarized it perfectly: “It’s kinda like our comeback,” says Davies, “We’re just super excited to show the student body what we can do,”. Along with ASB, SM seniors are ecstatic to see what September 18th has in store for them. Ryka Vahidi added, “I’m just super excited to spend the night dancing with my friends,” says Vahidi, “I mean it’s our last year, and I just am excited that we’re able to experience everything back to normal,”.

After almost two years of off-and-on quarantine, virtual and hybrid schedules, and mask mandates, SM cannot wait to offer a fun night of normalcy. You can get your tickets at smhs.org starting September 6th. Happy homecoming SM.

SM seniors at their first dance of the 2021-2022 school year
students at their first dance back in spring of 2021