Dash for Cash

The southwestern coast of Haiti was left devastated by the damage caused by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on the morning of August 14, 2021. Overwhelmed with the catastrophe, Haiti experienced Tropical Storm Grace, just two days later.

This disastrous earthquake, followed by the storm, has caused 53,000 homes to be destroyed, about 344 people missing, more than 2,200 people have died, and 12,268 injured, as of August 22. Haiti has experienced great damage as a result of previous earthquake disasters in 2010 and in 2016.

Previous disasters have prevented Haiti from recovering completely and with the new disaster, the island of Haiti has only become worse. Crime rates, poverty, damaged property and more, have all been a result of continuous natural disasters without having the ability to recover. Multiple response teams, including Catholic Charities, have been working diligently to aid those affected by the recent earthquake. 

Along with this disaster, Northern California is also being heavily affected by poor air quality and substantial structural damage from an overwhelming wildfire. With over 18,000 evacuated and more than 3,000 homes destroyed, the Dixie Fire is continuing to burn to produce severe damage and risks.

While adequate damage has been made, risks for transmitting COVID-19 as thousands are displaced. Lacking resources and shelter, response teams of organizations have put in continuous effort to help those who have been severely impacted by the ongoing fire. 

In order to help contribute to those affected by these two matters, Catholic Charities has made this possible. Catholic Charities is an agency dedicated to serving those in need. Through the generosity of the SM community, $3,771.73 was raised. This donation will have a significant impact on those in need who were affected by these two disasters.