Is the dress code this year too strict?

The Santa Margarita Dean’s office has recently announced that they will be strictly enforcing the dress code rules. This new announcement has been controversial in the student population. It is baffling because in the previous year, the deans did not enforce the dress code as strictly in some areas. Although it makes sense why there must be a dress code, there is no advantage of enforcing it so strictly that students are scared of the deans.

In the 2020-2021 school year, the deans were more tolerant when it came to dresscode, however this year they have put the hammer down when it comes to dresscode. It was not like everybody changed what they were going to wear because of last year’s tolerance, but it relieved stress from most people not having to worry and stress about what they were wearing and if it was okay or not. One Santa Margarita student expresses this saying, “It took a lot of unneeded stress off of my back not having to worry about being dress coded last year.”

Last year, the situation with the dress code had no effect on the student’s success. An Anonymous Santa Margarita student thought “enforcing the dress code strictly does not have a major impact on the student’s success in the long run.” Wearing a certain sweatshirt or certain socks has no impact on how well a student is going to do in the classroom, that is ultimately decided by the individual and how they want to dedicate their time.

Although the deans might have different ideas, enforcing the dress code so strictly only creates stress for students, and has no effect on their success as a student.