Is Crumbl cookies worth the hype?

People are divided on whether the new RSM cookie spot is all that

Warm cookies, that taste like they are fresh out of the oven, are truly the best thing in the world. Not having the same, boring flavors is a new concept, that many cookie places do not have. The newest cookie spot, Crumbl cookies, in Rancho Santa Margarita, has been the talk of the town for the past few months.

This new spot offers large, fancy cookies, with a new menu every week. Some of their cookies are warm, others are chilled. The new, creative flavors, bring customers back every week, wanting to try to the delicious cookies. Crumbl introduces four flavors every week, some are completely new concepts, others are fan favorite repeats. Along with these four flavors, Crumbl keeps their two most popular cookies, the warmed chocolate chip, and the chilled sugar cookie, which is served extra cold. Along with these six flavors, Crumbl offers various ice cream flavors, that are served in half pints.

Many people are divided on whether or not Crumbl cookies is as amazing as it sounds. My first visit there I was unaware of the weekly menu, and opted for the two regular cookies. They were delicious, but not as great as I had expected. I was a little hesitant to come back, especially because of the high price. One cookie costs $4, and a four pack is $14.25. But, upon returning again, I was blown out of the park. Their holiday flavors were truly my favorite, one being the Mint Brownie cookie.

Although the cost is high, the flavors and quality of the cookie is worth it. I love ordering a box of the four new flavors, and taste testing with friends. Each week the new flavors intrigue new customers, while bringing the regulars back. I think Crumbl is worth the hype, but everyone has to try it out for themselves!

A four pack with four weekly flavors
A four pack with four weekly flavors