Tracking Coronavirus Vaccinations in California

The first of the COVID vaccines had started to roll out in early 2021. The release of the vaccine has already been changing the world and the regulations around the US.

The only way for the pandemic to ever see an end or for there to be more control is the vaccine. A Los Angeles Times article states, “Experts say about 85% of Americans will need to be vaccinated to bring the COVID-19 pandemic under control.”

Thousands of Covid vaccine are given out everyday in California and the number continues to grow. The goal is for everyone to get vaccinated so that the uncertainties of the pandemic can end.

In California alone over 30 million vaccines have been given out and has led to the governor to dramatically lift covid restrictions. It is estimated that about half the residents of the state have received one dose of the vaccine. The article states that, “To date, 30,445,273 shots of have been given out to Californians across the state. Over the last seven days, an average of 225,001 doses per day have been administered”

It has also been studied that even though many people in California show up for their first dose, many miss their second appointment. It is critical that everyone receives their second dose for the vaccine to be effective.

The vaccines were made accessible to people based of age and medical needs. First it was released to only heath care workers and later to people 65 or older. On April 15 it became accessible to everyone 16 and older and will soon be made accessible to everyone.