Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

The J&J vaccine is the only COVID vaccine that only requires on dose which makes it more desirable compared to other shots. This shot came out later than the Ptfizer and Moderna vaccines but instantly became popular and hard to get.

The administering of the vaccine was halted after a couple people experienced severe blood clots. The vaccine is now seen to be somewhat not safe and has deterred a lot of people from getting it.

In a Washington Post article it mentions, “Based on an assessment by a federal advisory committee that the vaccine’s benefits far exceed its risks, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration on Friday permitted the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to be administered again”

The J&J vaccine also differs from the others in which it does not need to be stored in a frozen container. It is much easier to transport and overall makes it more accessible for those wishing to be vaccinated.

The side effects of the vaccine has caused many people to see it to be not safe. “But among adults who have not been immunized, the poll finds, about half say the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are safe, compared with fewer than 1 in 3 who say the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is safe”