Spring forward into a new release

Disney is set to release the prequel to “101 Dalmatians”, “Cruella”.



Disney intrigues fans by posting pictures and clips from set on their Instagram. Emma Stone is in costume of her new role Cruella.

The Broadway musical, “Wicked”, explains Wizard of Oz’s Wicked Witch’s past. Not only does this musical’s storyline give a descriptive background to the Witch, it also makes the viewers gain a sense of compassion for why the Elphaba is the way she is.

Disney fanatics are excited to see how the new Disney movie, “Cruella”, will do the same for the character Cruella de Vil. Known for stealing puppies for a fur coat, Cruella will be more explained in the new movie.

“I also have just loved the cartoon for a really long time” said actress Emma Stone.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Stone talks her excitement of the playing the role of who plays Cruella de Vil in the 2021 live action. She explains that growing up she has been a fan of not only 1996 release but the original cartoon.

Set to be released in late May of 2021, the newly rated PG-13 movie has received mixed ideas on Disney fans. Some think that the story will ruin the already loved villain. Others feel that it is what has always been missing from the well-known story, “101 Dalmatians”. One thing that seems common among reviews is an upset on the movie being rated PG-13, since “101 Dalmatians” is a family movie.

Also in the interview, Stone describes that the movie is not like what we have seen before. It is the interesting background that makes Cruella de Vil the villain we have grown up knowing.

“This comes before her story, so this leads to her to where she becomes true greatness” Stone said.