Keeping the tradition alive

Senior Allysa Alvidera shares her first ever post-pandemic Kairos experience.


Heather Wyman

New community- Alvidera and her small group have post Kairos reunions. They support each other in staying connected to their faith and maintain their friendship.

Alex Vallone, Managing Editor

Amidst a pandemic on top of the traditional senior stresses, many seniors experience feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. Many seniors, including myself, have lost hope of getting to have the activities that define being a senior, including the famous retreat, Kairos. Taking all of us surprise, Campus Ministry worked tirelessly to make our dreams of a Kairos retreat become reality. Senior Allysa Alvidera jumped at the chance to go on the first Kairos post-Covid-19 retreat, K142, not knowing if there would be another opportunity.

“For the past three years, I have always heard about Kairos and what an amazing experience it is, and it has always been something I have looked forward to,” said Alvidera. “After the crazy year we’ve had, I wanted to take the opportunity to reconnect with my faith and my friends. Although it was at school, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to have the opportunity to go if I waited, and so I decided to attend K142, and it was the best decision I could have ever made for myself.”

Due to Covid-19 regulations, Kairos looked slightly different this year. The most noticeable change was the retreat occurring on campus, which meant students slept in classrooms and swam in the pool. For Alvidera, she felt Kairos was needed more than ever before because of Covid-19 and lockdowns.

“During quarantine, I think I can relate to a lot of people when I say that we both disconnected from a lot of certain things and people yet had a lot of time for self-reflection, but in essence, we were just isolated,” said Alvidera. “Kairos gave me the support from such an amazing group of girls, much needed clarity in my life and relationships, and the ability to reconnect and be honest with myself. It challenged me to be very vulnerable especially with people I had never would have connected with until I attended Kairos.”

Having the opportunity to reconnect with your faith, meet a new group of friends, and have time to self reflect outside of everything else is only achieved through the Kairos retreat. Alvidera explains that her favorite part was the new community she built, and continues to strengthen today. She continues to keep God and her faith implemented in her everyday life through XLTs, youth group, attending masses, or even just listening to worship music on her drive to school.

“Many of us continue to be very close, we hang out, go to worship together, talk constantly and a lot more,” said Alvidera. “It was crazy to see how close we had all gotten in such a short span of time and because we all came from different circles. K142 is family, and I couldn’t imagine a better community and group of friends to be part of.”