Janna Redmond


Steve Wylie

Throughout my three years at SM, I have always experienced a welcoming and loving community. Santa Margarita provides a support system, through teachers and faculty, that makes it easy to learn and grow  in faith and in your education. Through SM’s activities and community, I have also gained some of my best friends and also developed closer friendships with people I’ve known since middle school. I am so glad that I can spend my 4 years of high school in an accepting and faith-driven environment like Santa Margarita. At SM I have participated in many different activities on campus, but my favorite thing that I am apart of is the Santa Margarita Dance Team. I have been on the dance team since freshman year and over the years it has gifted me with so many amazing friends, coaches, and opportunities that have made my high school experience very special. The bond I have with my teammates is so unique and I’m so grateful to have all the smart and talented girls on my team in my life. The coaches and dancers have not only made my experience at SM better, but have also given me a group of people that I consider my family. Dance has always been something I am super passionate about and with all the uncertainty in the world right now, and around our competition season, I am lucky that I get to come to school everyday and participate in an activity I love so much with people who share the same passion I have.”