A fun twist for Valentine’s Day

The celebration of February 13th as “Galentine’s Day” has become more popular.



Some Galentine’s Day card slogans & ideas.

Natalia von Gierke, Staff Writer

Infamous for a couples holiday, Valentine’s Day has an image of loneliness for most people. But, this year can be a year of friendship. Currently being unable to see many friends, COVID has created an environment where special mementos can make someone’s day. “Galentine’s Day”, an expression used for spending February 13th with friends, has become more and more popular.

In this time of being apart, sending Galentine’s Day cards could easily brighten a friend’s February. This at-home activity can allow for creative juices to flow, providing a little project to set your mind to. Making a Galentine’s Day card is very easy, because you only need a few supplies and some thoughtful words.

Step one to making a Galentine’s Day card is going to your local craft store to purchase your supplies. These can also be ordered online, or can be found at your house. Make sure to buy cardstock, stickers, and any pens. Adding candy or homemade treats can be a cute addition to the card.

Step two to making a Galentine’s Day card is planning the design, and finding inspiration from Pinterest can be helpful. The more creative, the better. Once the design has been chosen, turn on some music, and get to work! You can make the cards specific to the friend, and possibly bake one of their favorite treats to include with the gift. If you are not very crafty, print out designs and trace them onto the cardstock. Any amount of effort will be appreciated and loved!

Senior Shane Townsend says how making Galentine’s Day cards for her friends brightened their day.

“I had some free time so I decided to get crafty and make some cards for my friends!” Townsend says. “I enjoyed personalizing each card, and getting into the festive spirit by adding lots of hearts and different designs.”