SoCal faces complete shut-down


Picture via Sky News

Since COVID restrictions began to lift in the middle of the year, cases within Southern California have only skyrocketed. Governor Gavin Newsom has enforced a region wide shutdown for eleven counties that will last until near the end of December, due to the sudden onslaught of cases within the past two months and after capacity within the ICU fell to below 15% on the 4th. If ICU capacity is able to reach above 15% by the 28th, then Southern California will be able to cease from the order.

Newsom imposed a curfew last month from 10 p.m. to 5 A.M in 41 counties within California. This sparked large groups of protestors to defy the order, gathering by the hundreds to oppose the curfew. Multiple protestors even went as far as to call for Newsom to step down. Many individuals share this sentiment who feel that he’s doing more harm to businesses than good.

Newsome’s current shut down order prevents all large gatherings and outdoor dining. Retail businesses are exempt and in person shopping must properly follow curfew times. Travelers coming into California are required to fill out an online form before entering.

The state of the pandemic within Southern California irritates junior Thomas Rawlings.

“I’m honestly annoyed and upset that we have to go into shutdown because of the spike in cases. It’s such a shame,” said Rawlings. “I’m sure that thing will end up okay in the end though.”

SoCal residents can only hope that this shut down order will decrease cases and return us to normalcy soon.