The journey of “Soul”

Disney’s latest film faces struggle and controversy.



With the holidays in full swing, you could say that we need a little “Soul” to bring us all together. Pixar’s newest movie, “Soul”, is set to premiere on Disney + on Christmas. Unlike Mulan, which was Disney +’s first theatrical movie that premieredin September, there will be no pay wall. Viewers will be able to fully enjoy the movie with just their subscription alone.

Soul is the story about a high school band teacher who moonlights as an aspiring jazz artist. Through a series of events, he helps someone find their passion while finding what his ‘soul’ is. This movie would be Pixar’s first movie starring a black lead.

Earlier in the year, Soul became a topic of discussion as the movie resembled another “Princess and the Frog”. Both films similarly involve a black protagonist being turned into a non-human creature for the majority of the movie. Social media users hailed this type of representation as harmful, as it perpetuates that black characters are more non-human than human.

Despite that, critic A.A. Dowd of the AV Club whose seen an early viewing of soul have hailed it as “a sweet mash up of an earlier, deep Pixar”.

It is without a doubt that this movie will pull some heart strings, and maybe touch your own soul in the process.