Kambiz Shoaei


Cole Parker

“Throughout my time at SM I’ve had amazing experiences being a part of the Varsity Swim Team, along with MUN, ASB, and Full IB. I’m really grateful for the communities on campus and what they’ve taught me over the years. Swim is a really tight community on campus and I’ve made some lifelong friends here while also growing as an athlete. I’ve learned a lot about accountability and dedication and now as captain I really get to focus on my leadership. In this role, I think I can really set the tone for our talented underclassmen rosters to build each other up as athletes and people. The pandemic has had a huge impact on swim. I, like many of our swimmers, train club year-round and for a long period practices were cancelled or severely shortened along with the cancelation of the 2020 season. I saw myself training alone however I could for months. Fortunately, now practice has evolved to abide by COVID-19 guidelines, and I’ve seen competition opportunities open up again so I’m hopeful for the future. I hope to pursue an International Relations degree at college. However, I wholeheartedly plan on keeping swim in my life. Whether I walk-on to my university’s official roster or compete with their collegiate club, I’ll still be putting in those yards on the pool deck for a few more years.”