Allyssa Alvidera


Jonathan Pingol

Evelyn Driscoll, Print Editor-in-Chief

“Eagle TV 2.0 is our broadcasting program here on campus, and all our shows are student led and produced. It has been such an incredible program to be a part of and has definitely challenged me both creatively and as a leader. What most people don’t know is how much work is put into each show. It’s not simply just putting up a camera and hitting record. We take dozens of hours every week to shoot and edit content, as well as creating our own scripts with different crews running the show in the studio every day. I started ETV freshman year, through the Broadcast Journalism elective. If you ask anyone in the program, I can always be seen running around the studio inputting segments, hooking our hosts up to their mics, writing our show rundowns to name just a few things I do. While some people in the program see these tasks as a lot of work, it’s really fun and rewarding for me.”