Gianna Medica

Natalia von Gierke, Staff Writer

“It was a long-term goal of mine to play NCAA Division one sports, and I loved the idea of it and the dedication it took, so I was upset that I may not get this opportunity. After getting into golf, I made it my goal to play in college. Countless people told me this goal wasn’t possible for just getting into it and many told me I should just focus on NAIA or D3.  I kept my faith and kept at it as I went to the range every day after school, and I played on the weekends. There were so many days where I didn’t feel that it was worth it to keep playing, and I wanted to quit. Despite these challenges, I continued to work hard with practicing, and I started seeing a swing coach. I made Varsity golf at SM under coach Hegna, and she inspired me to keep pushing. From the beginning of 2020, I began connecting with college coaches and I was tenacious about posting on my websites, getting swing videos, and sending emails. I had a few coaches express interest, but many of the teams had full rosters, and since I started playing as a Junior, there was no space for me. I was so grateful to have coaches see that I shaved more than 20 strokes off my game within a year and they saw my determination. Through all my hard work, tears, and persistence, it finally all paid off when I received multiple offers and committed to play at Butler University.”