Jenna Gallaway

Sofia O'Keefe, Staff Writer

“SM volleyball has impacted my life in many ways, including socially, mentally, and physically. It really has brought some of my closest friends together and I’ve met some interesting people. Also, it has given me an opportunity to learn from my experiences. So if I didn’t get a specific spot [position] that I wanted, it taught me to push myself, to not give up, and to ultimately not let anyone tell me that I can’t do it. This only became motivation for me to work harder. On top of that, it built me mentally to change my perspective on people and my surroundings. I’ve really balanced myself by teaching myself discipline. Really it is just like when I am doing something, I stay focused only on that alone. So, when it’s volleyball time, it’s volleyball time, and when it’s school work, it is the same to keep my mind focused on the task at hand.”