Looming election day

Americans fear chaos and violence following the November 3 election.


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Store fronts are being boarded up in major cities in preparation for the election.

Major cities across the nation are becoming eerie and apocalyptic as the election approaches this November. Store owners put up plywood in fear of violence, similar to during the political unrest in the summer.

Boarding up stores can be extremely costly, ranging from about $100 to $31,000 according to CNN Business. While many large corporations and luxury stores can handle these costs, smaller businesses are more at risk. On top of the economic hits from the pandemic, these small businesses have their livelihood at stake. Here is how you can support small businesses for free.

Major commercial districts such as Rodeo DriveĀ  and Times Square are taking additional precautions, including temporary closures.

Store owners are not the only people fearing November 3- according to The Washington Post, 56 percent of voters answered a YouGov poll saying they expect violence following the election. Those polled agree violence will be inevitable and that no side will accept a victory from the other. There are reports of right-winged groups planning to station themselves with weapons at ballot drop-off sites. Left-wing groups are planning protests. There has been a noticeable increase in gun sales, and fear of a civil war is trending on social media. The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project tracked over 80 extremist groups in the past months and acknowledges them as a threat to American voters.

The surge in mail-in ballots during this election may also prolong the announcement of a winner, potentially sparking more unrest. So far, no organized violence is threatened, but Republican and Democratic citizens alike see the election as a serious threat to national peace. Although there is no way to accurately predict what will happen as a result of the election, Americans, especially store owners, are taking as many precautions as possible for their safety.