Comic fans ready for cosplay

Los Angeles Comic Con is going on in the midst of the pandemic, though against many guidelines.


Catherine Bryson

Many will miss the chance to cosplay, a popular pastime among comic fans.

The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in the cancellation of many events and conventions, including the annual San Diego Comic Con. But LA Comic Con expects to proceed on December 11-13.

Every year, comic fans around the country look forward to gathering to share their theories and meet actors and writers. However, the constantly changing status of the pandemic forced most of the conventions to be cancelled. San Diego Comic Con was held virtually, but LA Comic Con will proceed.

Two halls are being added to create more space for distancing. Additionally, only 12,000 tickets will be sold at any session, and extra space added inside and out.

People have mixed feelings about an in-person convention.

“I feel like that could potentially escalate the amount of Covid cases but if everyone follows regulations and everyone has a mask and stays six feet apart I feel like it could be a good chance for other people to meet each other and get out of the house,” said sophomore Izzy Dyer.

When it comes to meeting and greets, each will have in their own hall and autographs will be pre-purchased with a 30 minute time slot to pick them up. Face masks will be mandatory and there will be rigorous cleaning between sessions.

But even with these safety precautions, Los Angeles is still in the restricted tier which means LACC might not be able to proceed unless LA restrictions lift. If the convention will not happen, all tickets will be refunded or the event will be pushed back to 2021.

This year’s main panels will be livestreamed for those who wish to stay at home.