Katie Redd


Mckenna Thomas

“I started golf in middle school because of my dad, it sounded like a fun way to get my PE credits, and it truly paid off. SM golf has made a big impact on me by showing me how successful you can be with a strong bond between your team. Every girl on the team is like a sister to me, and all of us worked so hard to go undefeated last season. I love golf because no matter how much of an individual sport it is, your team is always there to cheer you up. It is such a test of your mind, and if you have the wrong mind set going into a round, there is no way you will play good. My team is so close, and we always know how to make each other laugh when we are playing bad or get pumped up and motivated before a big event.”

“[Being a girl in a male dominated] really sucks. Not only are a lot of big tournaments for professionals only offered for men, but there aren’t many women on the course around here, especially my age. I also get lots of people telling me in my life that i will never succeed because I am a girl and can’t hit the ball as far. Golf has brought me a lot of patience [because] when you are playing 5+ hour rounds, you have to stay focused and keep determined even when you aren’t getting the results you want.”