Bella Tosches

Aaron Moffett, Staff Writer

“I am currently involved in Talon Theatre, Peer Ministry, and project Speak Up! I joined Talon Theatre because of my love for the performing arts, and the sense of community it creates. I am in Speak Up! because I am passionate about brining mental health awareness to SM. I believe Peer Ministry is a creative way to bring the love of Christ to the SM student body through other like-minded students. I hope project Speak Up! grows even more as a mental health resource at SM, as it is something I have worked hard at. I am proud to be in the beginning years of this program.”

“Don’t be afraid to branch out and try new things! Form connections with classmates and teachers, and try extracurricular activities you think might be fun, even if you’re nervous. Get involved! Go to as many performances and sports games you can. Santa Margarita provides you with so many opportunities to venture into new passions.”