Walking the virtual runway

The 2020 virtual Emmy Awards proves that fashion can be done from any distance.


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The all virtual Emmys’ were a smashing success, bringing much needed normalcy to uncertain times.

The 2020 Emmys red carpet looked different than ever before. To allow for safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrities tuned in remotely to show off their looks. According to Variety, the Emmys’ executive producers released an announcement that the event would be held virtually. Along with this statement came a dress code for the show: “Come as you are, but make an effort!”

Each celebrity took this dress code in a vastly different direction- creating a diverse runway.

“I loved seeing celebrities in their natural habitat and surrounded by their family,” said Taylor Gamble, SM class of 2020 alum and fashion student at the Parsons School of Design. “It created a much more personal touch and I think that is reflected in their fashion choices as well. Many celebrities went for something simple and I liked that contrast to the more elaborate choices of past years.”

Taylor shared that her favorite look was Kerry Washington in Dolce and Gabbana.

“I just love the silhouette and the fun sequin leopard print,” Gamble said. “I also loved Jennifer Aniston’s classic vintage black silk Christian Dior dress. It was elegant, simple, and sleek, very well done.”

The virtual Emmys’ proves that fashion is not limited by distance and can bring people together while apart. The pandemic has opened a door for developing the fashion industry on a wider scale, thanks to social media.

“I think it shows how social media affects the fashion industry because with apps like Tiktok and Instagram many new brands are coming into the light,” Gamble said. “Also the vintage clothing trend has really become popular due to these platforms which is great because shopping vintage is much more sustainable.”

Taylor shared that the pandemic has even changed her style as a fashion student.

“Like I said the vintage craze has become really popular during the pandemic and as inspired my own style for I have been shopping at a lot of vintage clothing stores as of lately,” Gamble said. “I have began to incorporate vintage pieces into my closet and it adds a unique element to my style.”

The Emmys virtual red carpet and social media has created positivity during these troubling times by bringing a fresh perspective to the fashion industry.