E-Bike Surge

There has been a surge in E-bike sales during quarantine and into summer.

Lauren Memoly, Staff Writer

E-bikes are a great solution for easy and quick transportation as well as a fun workout. The bikes are affordable and assessable to everyone Orange County and have become very popular. With the hit of corona virus sales of E-bikes in Orange County and all across California has skyrocketed. Many people are buying the bikes are a means of transportation within their cities and neighborhoods. These bikes are also popular for people who have a small commute to their local beach. E-bikes have become a popular option for entertainment and those looking for a fun way to exercise. The E-bikes are easily operable and do not take much athleticism compared to other regular bikes. Coronavirus caused many people to avoid using public transportation and E-bikes served as the perfect resolution.

The number of sales and the amount of revenue has taken off since last summer and the previous years. According the the article E-Bike sales and usage already on the ruse surge during pandemic, sales have increased by 681% compared to July of 2019. All throughout Orange County the sales have surged and thousands of more people are cruising around on e bikes. The sales have increased by 3,700% in Laguna Beach and 763% in San Clemente.

According to the article 15 Best Electric Bikes Reviewed: 2020 Bicycles Buyers Guide, the Proximity Embark is the best overall electric bikes. There are many different electric bikes that excel in different categories. According to the article Specialized Turbo Levo Comp is the best electric mountain bike and SwagCycle EB5 is the best budget bike.

E-bikes serve as a fun opportunity to get out of the house and explore outside. Various bikes can travel different distances and reach different speeds to as fast as 28mph. With the surge of the popularity of E-bikes has brought up news quentions and concerns. People are questioning if their should be a speed limit for E-bikes and whether or not a helmet should be requried. Some areas in Orange County do not allow E-bikes due to the safety of pedestrians and other places have set strict speed limits.