Lizzie Bork


“I definitely think the blessing in disguise with quarantine for me was that I had all this free time and was stuck at home so then I really started to explore, okay what to I want to do in college? What possible majors? Things like that and I mean I’ve always loved visual arts but then this summer I’ve taken a lot of classes and kind of seen those aspects and now I’m starting to realize that maybe I want to go into illustration or possibly animation and I’ve always said, you know, my dream would be to animate a movie and then do the voiceover because for me I just love the storytelling aspect whether it’s telling the story through a song, though acting, or through visual arts. This summer I’ve been taking a lot of classes to develop a portfolio to show to colleges and I really found that I love character drawing but I also love fashion sketching. For me it was just a matter of finding what I enjoyed and what could bring me joy through such a strange and weird time, you know, because none of us really knew what to do going into Covid and quarantine and so I think it was just a matter of finding that silver lining and finding a new way to spend your time.”