Bringing Peace to Campus

Natalia von Gierke, Staff Writer

Santa Margarita held their first all grade, socially distanced, school event on Tuesday, Septembe

r 1st.  Put on by Campus Ministry, the XLT (Xalt to God) included praise and worship from Mr. Cabildo and a SM graduate singer, a message given by Mr. Butalid, and spending time with the Eucharist in Adoration. With the school Chaplin, Father Tim, being present, students were also given the opportunity to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation.

Because of the current restrictions, there were a limited number of seats and tickets available for the ev

ent. Upon arriving, students were required to wear masks, had their temperature taken, and sat six feet apart from each other. All grades were given the opportunity to sign up for the XLT online, filling out a COVID19 release form, as well. Being the first in person event for the school, Mr. Visconti, director of Campus Ministry, explains why they chose to hold an XLT.

“We knew that there was a hunger amongst the community to get back on campus. We wanted to find a way to cut into the stress and anxiety that was at the beginning of the year, being virtual, and offering [students] the opportunity to pray through it as a group” said Visconti.

The theme of this month’s XLT was peace. It was meant to be relatable for the students attending, and providing insight on Jesus being the provider of peace.

“Usually we look for biblical themes that resonate with where we are as a community” Visconti states, and with all the stress swirling around the new school year, the election, COVID19, and distanced learning, they “wanted to pray on peace, bring peace, and think about peace” Visconti said.

When reflecting on the night, Mr. Visconti said, “I think the worship, the message from Mr. Butalid about anxiety, about the loss of being able to control, and having to give up control, with not knowing what the future holds, is something that we all experience anyways, let alone in the world right now.” The event was at the full capacity, still being much smaller than a regular XLT. Campus Ministry plans to hold at least three more XLTs this semester, if not more. This is because it is “such a huge thing to get people to campus, to get around one another, and to be able to spend time together.”

The night was very successful, and was an exciting opportunity for students to reconnect with each other, in the safest way possible. The Campus Ministry team is preparing for more socially distanced worship events, retreats, and XLTs in the first semester of the school year.