Into the Woods: Online Edition

As students are forced into quarantine, Talon Theatre dedicates countless hours into online rehearsals for Into the Woods.

With countless hours of rehearsals and dedication, Talon Theatre is known for their amazing performances. Shows like Phantom and West Side Story are just a couple of examples of shows that have showcased the many talents of Talon Theatre performers.

Before COVID-19 took the world for a spin, many were thrilled to learn that the newest play being brought to campus is Into the Woods. This classic play, which has been put on the big screen before, was thought to be put on pause, but Talon Theatre decided that the show must go on.  With online rehearsals and the hope that the show will eventually take place on stage, performers and crew work countless hours through their screens.

“It’s really sad that we weren’t able to do a live performance. We did a zoom performance which was pretty good in my opinion and is being edited currently” said senior Spencer Abadia.

For many students, it is tragic to not be able to have in-person performances but are still grateful for the opportunity to interact with other Talon Theatre members during this time.

With the combination of zoom calls, editing, and at home practice, the dedication of performers during a time of online learning is unprecedented. Having support from faculty, staff and teachers has been a crucial part to the success of the play.

“Mrs. Barth is a visionary and no matter what platform we preform on she always makes it better” said Abadia.

It is not doubt that the show has a lot of components that require in-person instruction but the Talon Theatre program is evidently shining light upon a dark time. With unity and patience everyone is learning that quarantine doesn’t have to stand in the way of creativity.

“Overall, I am saddened by not being able to do the on stage performance but I am happy with the end result of the zoom performance” said Abadia.