Keeping faith in quarantine

While in isolation, senior Joe Romo is working towards strengthening his faith by placing his fear in God.


Aidan Ocampo

Romo has found himself prepared for an unexpected quarantine and remains steadfast in his faith.

With the widespread outbreak of coronavirus, countries have shut down globally. With these shutdowns, movement is limited, and in turn, people aren’t able to practice their daily routines.  During this time of isolation, many people are turning to God and trying to maintain a positive outlook.

For senior, Joe Romo, isolation has only strengthened his relationship with Catholicism. Romo has found ways to use quarantine as a positive time to turn towards God through prayer.

Earlier in the year, Romo challenged himself by partaking in Exodus 90. Exodus 90 is a 90-day period of challenging oneself to separate from distractions in a bid to grow a stronger faith life.

“My experience with Exodus 90 gave me a huge insight into what it means to listen to God,” said Romo. “Exodus 90 made me dive deeper into what relying on God truly means. It really made me humbler and focus on who I am as a person and who God wants me to be.”

Romo’s experience with Exodus 90 paved the way to a new stage in his faith life. This year, people across the globe observed Easter from home, instead of the usual weekend of mass. It is challenges like this that make continuing one’s faith more difficult. For Romo, Exodus 90 prepared him for the months of isolation, even when it was difficult.

“I think that it has definitely tested my faith in that thinking there might not be any hope. From not being able to receive the Eucharist or speak with Father Tim or Duey, but it has placed me in a mood of hope because Christ was in the tomb for only 3 days and I have hope in that this will pass,” said Romo.

Although this time is testing, it is important to keep sight of faith and turn to God when amidst fear and doubt.