Kendall Saeger


Photo Courtesy of Kendall Saeger

Bella Scarano, Staff Writer

“I was really looking forward to this track season, and I was really bummed when it got cancelled, of course. I really feel for all of my teammates, but at the same time I feel like this is kind of a learning opportunity for everyone. As a runner you are not always going to get results when you want them, it’s a long journey and it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. I think that losing this season has taught me a little bit more about patience. It’s kind of like dealing with an injury in a way because sometimes when you get injured it can put your training and competition on hold. This is different because it affects everyone but at the same time I think it kind of goes to show you that running itself is a longer journey.”

“For me at least I don’t do it just for the competition. I love the competitive aspect of running and that really motivates me to be my best and represent my team and school, but at the same time I think that running itself is such a stress reliever. I really enjoy it and I think it has really helped me get through quarantine. Just being able to focus on something and have a goal in site, which is doing well in this cross country season has really helped me get through this whole process.”