Living like a Celebrity

Miss Americana and Seasons documentaries have shown a more real side of Hollywood fame.

It’s easy to see celebrities for their perfect performances, artfully composed songs and stunning appearances. However, it has become just as easy for audiences to place judgement when these celebrities don’t live up to these perfect standards.

Documentaries like Taylor Swift’s “Miss Americana” and Justin Bieber’s “Seasons” strive to show viewers the reality behind the fame, in efforts to allow audiences to see these celebrities as real people. They give the audience a more raw look on both of their journeys to fame and the struggles that they have endured since finding fame.

The Netflix documentary, “Miss Americana,” shows Swift’s ups and downs of her music career and her journey of overcoming these obstacles. Swift is the youngest artist signed by the Sony/ATV Music publishing house and, at age 15, she signed her first record deal. Through this young stardom, she experienced many hardships being in the spotlight at such a young age such as her hyperawareness and unhealthy eating habits. Throughout the documentary, watchers are able to see Swift’s growth from a nervous girl succumbing to her haters, to an artist who sings whatever is on her mind.

“I’ve always liked Taylor Swift, but I definitely respect her more after the documentary,” said senior Abby Loessberg. “It makes me sad that Hollywood is that way just because it tears so many people down, and not a lot of people get to rise through. I’m glad that she is in a better place than she was”

Another newly released celebrity documentary is “Seasons,” which is about Justin Bieber. This ten episode YouTube documentary brings the audience through his secret struggles with mental health, diseases, and drugs. Since joining the spotlight at such a young age, Justin has struggled to find normalcy. His recent marriage to model Hailey Baldwin has helped to bring him out of the darkness and has given him purpose in life. Seeing these celebrities in their daily life, stripped from the filters of fame, allows audiences to see their humanity and find personal connections with them on a variety of different levels. Whether it be their favorite meal or the way they were raised, the connections become more apparent as their humanity peaks through the light of the red carpet.

“I think he is a better person now than he was when he was younger,” said senior Wynman. “When you go into fame at a young age, it’s hard for someone that young. I think Justin Bieber handled it in a bad way at he beginning, but now is handling it in a better way.”