Into the Future

Plans to build a real theater at SMCHS will allow for more opportunities in the Arts.

Talon Theater has been an integral part of the arts at SMCHS for many years and it will continue to be for years to come. In these coming years, there will be some changes to Talon Theater. Talon Theater is planning to expand the program by building a real theater.

By having a real theater to rehearse and perform in, the Talon Theater program will be able to use bigger set pieces, include more performers, and seat more people in the audience.

The theater would not only be used for Talon Theater performances but for other programs in the arts such as choir and orchestra.

Plans for the performing arts center put it where the A building stands now, at the front of campus.

Senior Spenser Abadia believes the new performing arts center would be a good addition to SMCHS.

“I think our performing arts teachers are some of the best of the best and they have been the most instrumental for me growing in my high school career, and I feel like they deserve the best space to work in,” said Abadia.

A real theater would give Talon Theater the opportunity to present more elaborate shows. A theater with a flag system would allow them to incorporate bigger sets into their shows.

“In our dome we don’t have a flag system where set pieces can go up instead of going off by deck crews that move sets off stage, that’s something that we don’t have that a lot of theaters do have,” said Abadia.

It would also give the performers a bigger stage so they could include more performers and offer more seats in the audience.

“The spacing inside the dome can’t fit as many people as we would like, and the spacing of the stage itself is hard [to make work],” Abadia said. “We’re making it work but it would be better with an actual theater.”

The blueprints for this new building are featured in the program for the current performing arts season and it sounds like they’re something special.

“The blueprints are really amazing,” Abadia said. “Its [going to be] such a beautiful place, I cant wait to come back after I graduate, see it finished and watch a show in the [new theater].”

It’s no secret that the members of Talon Theater and other arts programs at SMCHS are devoted to their work. Having a real place to showcase their hard work is something they deserve.

“I see people working so hard, people in theater stay here until 6:30 and in tech weeks we’re here until 10:00 at night, and we barely have time to do schoolwork… for the amount of work they do I feel like they deserve the best place [to perform], ” said Abadia.